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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment, Explained

To the naked eye, blood looks like a red liquid and nothing more. Under a microscope, though, it is seen to have four major constituents:

Red Cells
Which carry oxygen to the body’s cells, and remove carbon dioxide

White Cells
Part of the immune system that attack infections and foreign materials

Which are involved in the repair, replacement and regrowth of damaged tissue

A fluid that transports the other blood components as well as providing a supply of proteins, and carrying away cellular-level waste

The platelets in your blood were originally thought to have one role – that of clotting at the site of a wound, to allow the healing process to begin. We now know that they do much more. Minute disc-shaped particles, they carry microscopic granules that, at the site of damage, release enzymes and growth hormones to promote repair and regrowth.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment takes your blood – up to 180 millilitres (6 ounces) – removes the red and white cells and a portion of the plasma, and concentrates your platelets into a much smaller volume. This can then be applied directly to areas needing repair – surgical incisions, wounds, tissue damaged by wear and tear – by your medical staff.

Our Angel Platelet Rich Plasma system sits by your side, in the operating theatre, on the ward or in outpatients, and takes only 17 minutes to produce platelet rich plasma from your own blood.

Because it is your blood, there are no problems of allergic reaction or rejection – effectively your medical team is producing a highly- effective medication from your body’s own resources, and administering to you within a very short time span.

The technology built into the Angel System allows different concentrations of platelets to be produced, each specific to you and the treatment you are receiving.

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