PRP & Orthopaedics

Platelet Rich Plasma and Orthopaedic Repair
The Role of PRP in Orthopaedics

The clinical benefits of PRP in enhancing healing of musculoskeletal tissues are only beginning to be explored in depth. Basic science identifies the part that platelet-transported growth factors play in cell migration, cell proliferation, and matrix synthesis. Results so far in orthopaedic practice support the use of PRP in the treatment and repair of connective and soft tissue damage.

PRP has been used in operating theatres for some time in wound healing, and to stimulate bone formation. More recently, PRP has been used in an outpatient environment for treatment of conditions like tendonitis, tissue ruptures, meniscus tears and bone-tendon damage. Further advances in orthopaedic PRP use are being discovered continually.

Depending on the injury, and the physician’s preferred technique, PRP is applied either through injection or through matrix implants.

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