Access to Investigational Therapies

Helping Healthcare Professionals Gain Access to Biotherapy Services Ltd. Investigational Therapies



Biotherapy Services Ltd is dedicated to developing new therapies that have a positive impact on patients’ health, their families and patient communities through education, empathy, and awareness of chronic and complex wounds.



We understand that there are seriously ill patients who will not be eligible for our clinical trials and may not have options for alternative therapies, including investigational therapies in trials being conducted by other sponsors.


In these circumstances, Biotherapy Services Ltd will consider providing a requesting Clinician with access to a specific Biotherapy Services Ltd investigational therapy, for the treatment of an individual patient outside of a clinical trial (named patient request) in accordance with MHRA Guide note 14


If you are a patient interested in an investigational therapy, please speak with your Specialist Clinician or GP about the potential benefits and risk.


Biotherapy Services Ltd can only respond to a Clinician requesting access to an investigational therapy on behalf of a patient in his/her care.


If you are a Clinician who is seeking to obtain access to an investigation therapy of further medical/scientific information, please contact Biotherapy Services Ltd by email at