The Angel™ system

Specific cPRP and cPRP Gel Preparations

The Angel™ system is a revolutionary production system for concentrated platelet-rich plasma (cPRP) formulations which can be exactly tailored to the specific treatment needs of the patient. The  Angel™ satisfies the three most important requirements for a modern cPRP system: maximum flexibility, easy handling, and a high level of safety.

Maximum Flexibility – One System

No matter which condition needs to be treated with PRP, with the Angel™  it is possible to tailor the cPRP composition to the patient in question. The Angel™ gives the user control over the platelet, neutrophil and erythrocyte (RBC) levels in the cPRP, thereby making it possible to match them to the indication and needs of the patient. So no more compromises have to be made in cPRP therapy and the patients get the best solution possible – with just one system!

Easy Handling – PRP Preparation

The Angel™ system  is able to  prepare platelet-rich fibrin gel (PRF gel), thereby expanding the range of applications.

No more cumbersome manual separation and transfer of the platelet-rich plasma fraction, where both the composition and yield of the cPRP depended on the skill of the user. The Angel™ system allows automatic push-button separation processing.

High Level of Safety – “Closed” cPRP Preparation

Needles and open containers have no place in cPRP preparation. The dangers of needle-stick injury and microbial contamination are just too high.  After automatic and fully closed separation in the Angel™  system, the various fractions of the blood are collected in separate sterile containers and may be used directly or withdrawn through valves.

Fully Automatic, Closed Production of Indication-Specific cPRP

The Arthrex Angel system is a revolutionary system for obtaining PRP preparations that can be tailored to relevant treatment needs. the three major requirements for a multifunctional PRP system are satisfied – maximum flexibility, easy handling, and a high level of safety.


The user can choose from various platelet and leukocyte concentrations and thereby tailor the cPRP treatment to the needs of the patient. this is made possible by a proprietary 3-sensor technology which utilises the differences in light absorption of the various cell types. the Angel™ system can handle volumes from 40 ml to 180 ml in a single cycle.


The Angel™ system has an intuitive user interface that enables production of the desired cPRP formulation at the push of a button. there is no need to replace syringes or suspend buffy coats, as the Angel™ system is fully automatic


Since the Angel™ Processing set comes sterile and preassembled, the patient is protected against the risks of possible microbial contamination and the operator against any contact with the patient’s blood. the patient data from each processing cycle can be saved. subsequently, this data can be transferred quite easily since the Arthrex Angel system is equipped with both a USB and a LAN port.

Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Loss

Areas of application

(Androgenetic) Alopecia:

PRPc stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells in hair follicles. 8 Studies have shown a significant increase in hair diameter and hair density.

Hair Loss:

PRP stimulates the growth of hair and is used widely alongside other treatments in hair loss clinics.

Skin Rejuvenation:

cPRP stimulates the breakdown of light-damaged elements in the extracellular matrix and induces the synthesis of collagen, which improves dermal elasticity.  It has also been shown that cPRP stimulates the body’s own hyaluronic acid synthesis, which results in a volume effect and enhances skin turgor. 14 studies have proved the effectiveness of cPRP for facial and neck treatments without noticeable side effects. cPRP can also be used in combination with fractional laser therapy.


cPRP plays an active role in restructuring the extracellular matrix. the increased expression of matrix metalloproteinases brings about stimulation of dermal remodelling.

15 studies have shown that using cPRP leads to an improvement in scarring / a reduction in severity (acne, traumatic scars).


PRP has been used successfully in combination with fat grafts. Among other things it supports vascularisation and thus retention of fat grafts.

Wound Healing and Surgery

Areas of application

Wounds / Ulcers:

cPRP induces upregulation of regulatory active cell cycle proteins. The antibacterial effect of cPRP has also been demonstrated. Studies have shown that cPRP accelerates new tissue formation effectively for various wounds/ulcers.

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

cPRP can be used together with fat grafts for reconstructions, such as breast reconstructions. cPRP supports vascularisation and thus retention of fat grafts and leads to improved retention of breast volume.

Skin Grafts (E.G. Facelifts, Abdominoplasties):

Studies have shown that cPRP reduces postoperative pain and swelling and improves wound healing. cPRP also reduces the formation of seroma and associated postoperative punctures.

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