Breaking News – Proposal of the medicines and medical device bill

At Biotherapy Services we are hugely excited by the proposal of the Medicines and Medical Device Bill introduced on 13/02/2020. Without this support of the UK Government, we would be unable to develop innovative point of care manufactured medicines providing important new treatment options for the people of the UK with severe chronic wounds at risk of amputation.


Specifically, the Bill provides for the innovative regulation of novel therapies such as precision targeted medicines and complex medical devices. The Bill confers powers that allow Government to make it simpler for NHS hospitals to manufacture and trial the most innovative new personalised and short life medicines, as their clinical uptake increases, and they require scaling out to clinic, hospital and theatre-based manufacturing facilities.


The UK Government is fulfilling its promise to remain at the forefront of evolving the legal framework to support UK companies delivering novel healthcare solutions to the UK population.


James Rickard, Chief Scientific Officer