• 1st Feb 2021. Biotherapy Services Ltd Launches the Second Institutional Funding Round
  • December 2020 Pan European Patent Granted for the RAPID™ Biodynamic Haematogel
  • EWMA poster published November 2020
  • November 2020 – Care Quality Commission (CQC) accreditation.
  • March 2020 MHRA requested suspension of all non-COVID-19 clinical trial sites. BTS has focused on validation and expansion of new trial sites for reopening Quarter 1 2021. New sites in Loughborough and Bradford are scheduled to open in the 1st Quarter 2021
  • March 2019 Commencement of Rapid DFU-1 NIHR Clinical Trial at The Royal London Barts Health NHS Trust.
  • November 2019 Closure of First Institutional funding round with investment of £3 million by Foresight Group a leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager.
  • August 2018 the Company was granted a MIA/(IMP) Licence by the MHRA to manufacture the RAPID™ Biodynamic Haematogel wound care treatment for clinical trial patients.
  • April 2021 the Company was awarded the innovative medicine designation – the Innovation Passport – for RAPIDTM Biodynamic Haematogel in the treatment of chronic ulceration of the diabetic foot. The Innovation Passport is the entry point to the Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (ILAP), a new UK approval process designed to reduce time to market and accelerate access to innovative medicines.

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There is now a unique opportunity to join our current shareholder list by equity investment into the company.

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