Mobile Wound Healing Clinic

Mobile Wound Healing Clinic

Specialist Mobile Wound Healing Clinic Goes on the Road to Provide Revolutionary New Treatments


In a unique collaboration between award-winning Harley Street Skin clinic and Biotherapy Services Ltd., a state of the art mobile wound clinic will be on the road from October 5th.

The first of four Harley Wound Healing mobile units will be located at Chalk Farm and Brent Cross in London, specifically designed to treat complex and chronic wounds such as diabetic and vascular ulcers that may not heal for months or even years.

Treatments will commence on October 5th at Tesco’s in Brent Cross, Tilling Road, London and each clinic will be open from 08.30 to 20.00 every Monday. All treatments will be provided in a COVID-19 secure state-of-the-art facility.

According to analysis by the charity Diabetes UK, more than 9,000 amputations a year are caused by diabetes with 80 per cent of these being the result of diabetic foot ulcers.

“A large proportion of chronic wounds treated by the NHS are diabetic foot ulcers which can be difficult for them to treat. However, these clinics will have access to novel personalised treatments that harness the patient’s own ability to heal itself  and we are able to treat complex, chronic wounds that were previously near unhealable,”

says Dr Aamer Khan, regenerative medicine expert and co-founder of Harley Street Skin and Harley Wound Healing Clinic.

Mobile Units

Each mobile unit will be kitted out with cutting-edge technologies with the means to provide a range of innovative wound care treatments, including the provision of novel treatments which harness the patients’ own ability to heal itself, based upon  a technology referred to as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which involves doctors taking a small amount of the patient’s blood which is  processed in a sophisticated state-of-the-art blood processing system to separate out the plasma and the platelets that contain growth factors, which are used to promote wound healing and boost tissue regeneration.

The mobile units will be staffed by a GP, nurses and healthcare assistants who will work under the supervision of top specialists who aim to close these complex wounds using the latest innovative wound therapies.

Autologous Platelet Biotherapies

Mr Sandip Sarkar is a vascular surgeon who has pioneered the usage of autologous platelet biotherapies  and has been instrumental in setting up the specialist wound healing clinic. Successful trials undertaken by Mr Sarkar for Barts Health NHS Trust have shown wounds that have previously not responded to conventional treatment did respond to the use of these platelet derived technologies. He will be joined by Professor Ash Mosahebi who brings a wealth of experience in reconstructive and plastic surgery and regenerative medicine, and orthopaedic surgeon Mr Haroon Mann who has worked for years in the field of foot and ankle injuries.

The four mobile units will soon be stationed across the country to provide revolutionary treatments for hard-to-heal wounds which have not responded to conventional means, potentially changing lives and giving hope to many who may otherwise face amputation as a result of their wound.

Appointments can be made through the Harley Wound Healing Clinic at:

Harley Street Skin, 48 Harley Street, London  (holding page in place temporarily)

T: 0800 470 1015