Who BTS Are

Company Overview

Biotherapy Services Ltd. (BTS) was founded with one simple goal in mind: improve the management of chronic, hard-to-heal wounds, to offer a better treatment plan to both patients and Healthcare providers.

Years of Research and Development led to the RAPID™ Biodynamic Haematogel, a wound care treatment used to target complex and chronic wounds, such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs) and Pressure Ulcers.


RAPID™, or Restorative Autologous Platelet biotherapies for Injuries and Delayed wound healing, encapsulates the entire operational service model, including current and future potential applications of the product.


The company is directing all its effort to complete the RAPID1-DFU Clinical Trial, which is investigating the effects and safety of RAPID Gel in the treatment of DFUs compared to the Usual Customary Care.

The future landscape of cellular therapies

BTS is focused on complex wound care, and more specifically how autologous cellular therapies may support the management of these wounds.


The clinical adoption of the RAPID™ Gel and its effective utilisation was, and still is based on 4 specific factors:


  • Complying with the rapidly changing regulatory environment.


  • Developing UK-based clinical studies to substantiate the safety and efficacy of all RAPID-derived products.


  • Manufacturing to GMP Standards, all the while translating this complex service into a Point Of Care application.


  • Providing peer-to-peer specialist clinician support to introduce these biological therapies into clinical practice.