Hair Loss Treatments

Leading hair restoration professionals are finding cPRP an essential element needed to maximise the results of today’s advanced hair restoration techniques.

The most modern and refined treatments for hair loss include autologous concentrated platelet-rich-plasma (cPRP) therapy to support healing and achieve optimal results. However, while cPRP is beneficial, it is important to know that not all cPRP products are the same. The specific healing properties and overall effectiveness can vary greatly with the equipment and processes used to create cPRP gel.

Why Use Concentrated cPRP For Hair Loss Treatments?

Concentrated cPRP is a new and exciting addition in the evolving field of hair restoration.cPRP is used to accelerate healing, releasing concentrated growth factors, that stimulate the natural healing process at the site of each transplanted hair follicle.

Every platelet is a biochemical powerhouse of regulatory, signalling and growth-factor molecules that participate in the regeneration and healing of tissue.

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