Autologous Fat Transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer


Autologous Fat Transfer uses concentrated cPRP and autologous fat grafts, [AFG] these are two autologous biotherapies that are gaining popularity, either as stand alone applications or increasingly used in combination to form ‘bio-active scaffolds’ for tissue regeneration across a wide range of aesthetic applications.

cPRP & Autologous Fat


‘Bio-active grafts’ for tissue regeneration

As pluripotent stem cells, adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells [AD-MSC] have the ability to di erentiate into a range of cell types, providing potential for aesthetic, reconstructive and regenerative medicine across a wide range of clinical applications. As increasing safety and e cacy clinical data is emerging, there are an increasing number of clinicians combining autologous biological therapies into their clinical practice.

Why Use Concentrated cPRP and Fat?


Latest thinking suggests that the role of progenitor cells is even more important than previously acknowledged and that the long-term survival of AFG is directly linked to the activation and proliferation of these progenitor cells within the SVF, to differentiate into the target cells for replacement. This intricate biological ballet occurs within a ‘cellular microenvironment of cell-to-cell/cell to matrix, and autocrine/paracrine signalling, and concentrated platelet rich plasma, rich in chemokines, cytokines and growth factors, considered to optimise the cellular microenvironment.

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