Specialist Advanced Wound Care Services. (SAWS)

Specialised  Wound Care treatments

Providing specialist supported care for the treatment of chronic and complex wounds

Our multi-disciplinary team can treat a range of conditions including:


  • Venous ulcers
  • Pressure sores
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Slow healing wounds

Our services are Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered

Our services are CQC registered and provided in the NHS and private hospitals/clinics.

Four mobile units will soon be stationed across the country to provide revolutionary treatments for hard-to-heal wounds which have not responded to conventional means, potentially changing lives and giving hope to many who may otherwise face amputation as a result of their wound.

Appointments can be made directly by contacting Helen Lord at Biotherapy Services ++44 (0) 207 7887828 email helen@biotherapyservices.com

Manufacture of Unlicensed Medicines

Biotherapy Services Ltd holds an MS ‘Specials’ licence from the MHRA which permits manufacture of unlicensed medicines in response to an order from a prescriber, in accordance with MHRA Guidance Note 14

We are specialists in the Point-Of-Care Manufacture of Personalised Autologous blood and blood components products.

If you are a patient interested in finding out more information, please speak with your Specialist Clinician or GP about the potential benefits and risks of an investigational therapy.

Biotherapy Services Ltd can only respond to a Clinician requesting access to an unlicensed medicine on behalf of a patient in his/her care.

If you are a Clinician who is seeking to obtain access to an unlicensed therapy, please contact Biotherapy Services Ltd by email at treatments@biotherapyservices.com

For medical/scientific information, please contact us at info@biotherapyservices.com

Make an enquiry call: +44 (0) 207 788 7828

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